Anatomy Imagery

My art skills got me through gross anatomy in PT school. Pictures just seemed like a better way to take notes for me. Imagine how inferior I felt when I saw these works!

Anatomy of Movement

Anatomy of Movement

Great stuff. Clear and well organized. These works need to be in your library—they are in mine!

Anatomy of Movement

Anatomy of Movement: Exercises

Damn Good Stories

Personal Development & Good Reads to Keep You Thinking

Money, Marketing & Management

Doing the right thing – is leadership. Doing things right – is management. All the great ideas and integrity in the world will not bring you success if you cannot manage your time and money. These works will help you understand the best way to present your products and services.

Mind, Body, Health

These works deal with a wide range of topics, but I feel it is important for the exercise and rehabilitation professional to be current and well-rounded.