The Bretzel

Of course you know the Bretzel is named after Brett Jones. When Brett and I were shooting the video for Kettlebells from the Ground Up, I knew I was going to introduce this stretch, but I didn’t tell Brett. He was already on the ground, and I knew this stretch would specifically catch him. Brett turns into a pretzel… Bretzel. The Bretzel 2.0 is just another way to put the same guy in a pretzel.

The Bretzel 1 hits the anterior chain; the Bretzel 2.0 gets the posterior chain. Which Bretzel gets you, 1 or 2?

What does this expose in you, and how quick can you see a change?

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  1. nunogusmao says:

    It’s a great stretching exercise that one. It’s called Mermaid in the old Pilates method

  2. Brett Lemire says:

    Great explanation on the Bretzel. The 2.0 is using a high oblique sit with a transfer to a crawl pattern, a developmental position used to address a key dysfunction in the deep stabilizing system. One note. Once they are comfortable with this position, adding an active progression by lifting the the body up and over the lead support leg like a developmental side bridge can be an effective strategy for stabilization training. Thanks Gray for all your work, see you soon. Brett

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