Products I Use in My Facility

Functional Movement Screen Test Kit

Y-Balance Test Kit

Cook Cable Bar and DVD

Gray Cook Band

Indian Clubs

Airex Pads

Fitball Therapy Balls

PB Elite Molded Foam Roller

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Aero-Speed Jump Rope

Plyorobic Runway

Stackable Steps

The Stick, Self-Roller Massager

Wall Gym 2000

Free Motion Cable Column

Free Motion Dual Cable Cross

Keiser Functional Trainer

Keiser Infinity Performance Trainer

PB Disc Pillow

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  1. I am looking to purchase the Y Balance Test Kit but my school district will not deal with Power Systems due to difficulty with the company in the past. Is there any place else that I can but the test kit?

  2. Mark, you can get those direct from Phil Plisky’s site, here:

    They also sell that at Perform Better if you need different options for a school district.

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