Dan John reviews Movement

“I can’t think of a single time in my career where I felt as intimidated as I feel trying to review Gray Cook’s Movement. As a 118-pound Middle Linebacker, I fear no one. As an undersized thrower, I stepped in the ring anywhere. I once dived in an area where a Tiger Shark had a small human snack days before I hopped in the ocean.

Dan John, US Master's Outdoor Track and Field Championships

Dan John, US Master's Outdoor Track and Field Championships

“Reviewing Cook’s ‘Opus’ puts me into my little corner. Honestly, there is one single page, Self-Limiting Exercises, that will make you want to stop what you are doing and reconsider everything you have done in your training career. Oh, yeah, the FMS stuff, the screens and the corrections and the next level of corrections and then the explanations about the corrections…what can I say?

“Here is what I can say: Cook’s book stands alone. It is a one stop ‘testament’ to movement. His explanation of designing training upon the foundation of proper movement (versus how I train myself!) literally made me stand up and walk around for a few minutes. It is staggering to attempt to corral this work into a few pithy phrases. The charts, the graphs, and the tables that walk you through your discoveries is a GPS system for human movement.

“It stands alone. I don’t know how else to say it. I’ve had hands-on work by Gray and I had no idea what to do or where to go after those few minutes. This book literally is a trip through his brain and he gives you the tools to walk with his experience and diagnose (in my case, self-diagnose) issues related to human movement.

“Do I recommend it? Are you serious? If you are serious, at any level of sport or movement, you need this book. And, yes, for the record, my review pales at best in comparison to this monumental work.”

Dan John
Author of Never Let Go

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  1. Great review and agree with everything said

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