CK-FMS, October 2011

The CK-FMS event is right around the corner, Sat-Tue, October 23-26. This workshop is a blast for me because I work with close friends and get to discuss the complete movement system—start to finish. It is a 4-day workshop and it totally drains me, but it is always worth it!

We start with the basic FMS concept and then slowly discover how lots of kettlebell foundation training is actually corrective. The big difference is that we always set a movement baseline. Instead of debating about if we can change movement, we change movement! Or our retest tells us we missed something and we look for our mistakes. That’s learning in a nutshell…

Here’s a link to at 15-DVD set recording a recent CK-FMS weekend.

Each day at CK-FMS always starts like this: Brett Jones complains about something and no one really listens. We go get espressos and Doc Cheng and Jeff O’Connor exchange jokes and philosophy. Danielle usually just rolls her eyes at us—and laughs at how smart we think we are. I get loaded on my usual 4 shots and then start talking really fast and change up the well-planned preset schedule,  mostly just to make Brett angry. It always works!

In the end the band and I put on a pretty good rock show and we learn more each time we do it. The RKC crowd is the most well-mannered, passionate and respectful group of really strong people I’ve seen. Brett, Jeff, Doc, and Danielle, let’s get ready to rumble!!!!


  1. Can’t wait!

  2. Gray,
    My only complaint with your synopsis is you only have me complaining once a day when we both know it is WAY more than that.
    BTW – I have placed certain “contingencies” in place to prevent you messing with the schedule.

    I am ready to Rumble!


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