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Episode Fifty-Nine:


When I’m healthy, I get hurt

Episode Fifty-Eight:


My Body Let Me Down . . . Again

Episode Fifty-Seven:


Activity and Exercise

Episode Fifty-Six:


The Endgame – Stand Up Kids
Join me in supporting a worthy cause

Episode Fifty-Five:



Episode Fifty-Four:



Episode Fifty-Three:


The Hardest Checklist You Will Ever Do

Episode Fifty-Two:


Diet and Exercise

Episode Fifty-One:


Pandora and Exercise

Episode Fifty:


Saturate, Incubate, Illuminate

Episode Forty-Nine:


If you’re going to think about movement, where should you start?

Episode Forty-Eight:


Strength Defined – Gray covers strength and work capacity, stability and motor control

Episode Forty-Seven:


Strength – Gray’s take on the meaning of the word and what we should really be saying

Episode Forty-Six:


Continuums – Gray on Dan John’s influence and the value of carries in exercise continuums

Episode Forty-Five:


Don’t Give Up and Don’t Get Hurt – Physical Education, Pt. 3 – Gray on Physical Education in the World Beyond School

Episode Forty-Four:


We Can’t Do It Better Than Nature – More from Gray on Physical Education and the Benefits of Failure

Episode Forty-Three:


Gray’s thoughts on the current state of Physical Education

Episode Forty-Two:


Gray’s first thoughts after the Stanford event with Stu McGill and Craig Liebenson

Episode Forty-One:


To Stanford, with Stu McGill and Craig Liebenson: Gray’s thoughts on their upcoming event

Episode Forty:


Pavel’s new book Simple and Sinister is out. Gray’s listened to it twice (so far!) and has some thoughts.

Episode Thirty-Nine:


Today Gray talks about balance, and give some suggestions for regression drills.

Episode Thirty-Eight:


Important things to think about in breathing

Episode Thirty-Seven:


No moving parts? What the heck does that mean?

Episode Thirty-Six:


What’s Gray talking about when he says functional dysfunction?

Episode Thirty-Five:


Whenever we do something, we should start with why. Gray expands on that idea in this recording.

Episode Thirty-Four:


Here Gray discusses Exploring Functional Movement with Erwan Le Corre

Episode Thirty-Three:


What’s the thinking behind the Key Functional Exercises lecture?

Episode Thirty-Two:


Play, Practice or Train—what’s the difference and which should we be doing when?

Episode Thirty-One:


When do you use the FMS? When the SFMA or the Y-Balance Test? Would you sometimes use both? Gray presents the strategy in today’s new Gray Cook Radio.

Episode Thirty:


Have you watched Gray coach half-kneeling positions, then seen other FMS instructors use different cues or appear to be looking for something different? Gray addresses this confusion in today’s new Gray Cook Radio.

Episode Twenty-Nine:


Asymmetry is one of the most talked about aspects of movement screening and corrective exercise. In this short discussion, Gray explains why, and also expands on the topic in this piece, which includes a new video clip from the Applying the Model DVD set.

Episode Twenty-Eight:


A recent query on Gray’s Facebook page triggered his expanded thoughts on using the FMS in a group setting, whether that be teams, fitness groups or bootcamps. Mark Snow expands on the topic in this talk: Using the FMS in a Group Setting.

Episode Twenty-Seven:


In a follow-up to the earlier segment on stability vs motor control, in this episode Gray explains balance, and how it relates to motor control

Episode Twenty-Six:


What is Movement Education Group? Click to visit

Episode Twenty-Five:


Stability training has been a popular training method in recent years, but are we thinking about it correctly? Is motor control a better concept?

Episode Twenty-Four:


The benefits of barefoot training are many, but some of the results are conflicting. Why train barefoot—and when is it best not to?

Episode Twenty-Three:


What does Gray mean when he says, “If you can’t touch your toes, don’t deadlift”?
And for more, read this: What’s in a Toe Touch?

Episode Twenty-Two:


What do you do when someone can’t perform a test due to a physical limitation?

Episode Twenty-One:


Here Gray describes the “Three Rs” concept of fitness and rehabilitation

Episode Twenty:


Let’s see what Gray has to say about exercise and chronic pain

Episode Nineteen:


Today Gray tells us about his summer MovNat experience and his conversations with Erwan LeCorre. Here’s where to find Erwan and his MovNat workshops.

Episode Eighteen:


Today Gray talks about his work on the Golf Digest golf combine

Episode Seventeen:


Now here’s a fun one: Gray’s take on isolation exercises—What’s a bodybuilder to do?

Episode Sixteen:


Today Gray talks about his Perform Better Pre-Conference Workshop. The full transcript is also available here.

Episode Fifteen:


In this episode we discuss the workout, specifically where do correctives go and when do we re-introduce sports training after a problem is found in the screen.

Episode Fourteen:


Let’s talk about brain science and a few popular books that teach it. The books Gray discusses are Brain Rules, The Talent Code, Talent is Overrated and Spark

Episode Thirteen:


Whatever happened to kettlebell snatches? And other tidbits kettlebell

Episode Twelve:


What exactly is dry needling? What does Gray use it for?
The dry needling school Gray mentioned is KinetaCore.

Episode Eleven:


Last week’s coverage of breathing and heart rate variability wasn’t enough. Let’s get a little more.
The monitor Gray talks about is the Polar FT80, and Polar’s overview of HRV is here. He also mentioned an iPhone ap called Ithlete, which you can find here.

Episode Ten:


In this episode, Gray begins to develop the topic of breathing

Episode Nine:


What to expect from a Functional Movement Screen Workshop
Here’s a link to the Functional Movement Screen workshop information.

Episode Eight:


Does Gray have a Daily Desk Jockey movement prescription?

Episode Seven:


What’s on Gray’s bookshelf as we move into spring?
Here’s that bookshelf link:On My Bookshelf

Episode Six:


How do body proportions factor into movement screening?

Episode Five:


Planks, pushups, core firing and more

Episode Four:


Here Gray explains the difference between stability and motor control

Episode Three:


Dan John asks: Tell us more about the concept of self-limiting exercise

Episode Two:


Why does Gray suggest the heels-in, toes-out stance in club swinging?
In the discussion: Club Swinging Essentials DVD

Episode One:
In episode one, Gray describes how to move to a higher weight in the Kalos Sthenos GetUp


In the discussion: Kalos Sthenos: Kettlebells from the Ground Up DVD

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  1. A Gray Cook Show! I’ve been waiting for this for a few years, great first episode. “Try the exercise before you comment on it or attempt to teach it” is great advice, and I’ll work on those getup positional drills.

  2. Ok, this is just about the most amazing thing ever! Just made my day!

  3. AWESOME, just got Kalos Sthenos for Christmas – Hopefully we will have Gray Cook TV soon!!!

  4. Will it be coming to itunes? I thought I heard Gray mention that on the strengthcoach podcast. Thanks for the information.

    • Thanks, folks!

      Steve, yes, I’ll put it on itunes as soon as I free up the time to figure out how. Maybe this weekend? Thanks for the nag, er, ah… reminder. That’ll work. :~)


      • iTunes feed is in place — subscribe via the iTunes subscribe icon at the top left sidebar or just under the Gray Cook Radio image above.

  5. Please post episode 44. Thanks, great stuff!

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