Physical Therapist Reveals How to Regain Pain-Free Movement

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CHATHAM, VA: Adults know all about exercise—your mother might even have a pair of plastic-coated dumbbells in her closet, perhaps even your grandmother. What most don’t understand is movement quality, the concept of simply moving better. In the new book Movement: Functional Movement Systems, that’s exactly what author Gray Cook presents as the foundation for a pain-free life.

“Gray’s premise is beautiful in its simplicity: Training movement can fix muscles, but training muscles rarely fixes movement. Since all of sport is movement, his 80/20 approach is then astounding in its effectiveness. For the time invested, the FMS and its cousins are the best tools I’ve seen for producing bullet-proof athletes and pain-free non-athletes in record time.” ~Tim Ferriss, author of the #1 NY Times bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek

According to Cook, “Our lifestyle no longer forces physical adaptability, and therefore the fundamental mobility and stability that allows us to adapt to natural and physical changes has been compromised.” In Movement, he and his co-authors, Lee Burton, Kyle Kiesel, Greg Rose and Milo Bryant, build that case, and provide the tools exercise and rehabilitation professionals will need to rate and rank movement quality, and to understand the implications and remedies when dysfunction is discovered.

Twenty years working with people of all ages and athletic skill levels, from children and mature adults to well-known professional athletes, have made Cook acutely and uniquely aware of the authentic movement experience. The wealth of his knowledge is laid out in his new book, in which he teaches fitness, athletic and medical professionals how to help their clients, athletes and patients enjoy pain-free, strong and easy movement.

Today’s unconditioned, poorly moving world can use a dose of his adamant and compassionate message: Cook is one person who knows how to help people solve their painful movement problems.

Gray Cook's new book, Movement

Movement: Functional Movement Systems


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